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Pearls of Wata has partnered with the Disability Inclusive Agribusiness Initiative (DIAI) on a project to augment DIAI's farm operations and to be of service to the community.

Currently, DIAI is operating an agriculture business that employs the physically disabled.  Our partnership with DIAI will enable them to expand their farm business with The Agribusiness Hub.

The Agribusiness Hub is a four-part infrastructural project to be built in Lunsar, Sierra Leone, adjacent to one of DIAI's farms.  It is composed of a public bathroom, a rainwater collection and harvesting unit, a waste management hub, and lastly, a kitchen and convenience store.

The Hub will be built by women who are recruited from the town of Lunsar.  The women will be trained in eco-construction and renewable energy technology in order to build The Agribusiness Hub and maintain it.

Women in the town of Lunsar will be equipped with an invaluable vocational skill that will provide enduring housing and low-cost and self-sustaining utilities.  The Agribusiness Hub will also provide employment to women in Lunsar, who will be hired to maintain the facilities, maintain and repair technologies, and operate the commercial endeavors at The Hub.

Lastly, The Agribusiness Hub will provide a commercial opportunity for women as well.  Women in the community will be able to rent space in the marketplace where they can sell goods or provide services.  The convenience store will be equipped with climate controlled storage for the women with perishable items in their inventory.  By providing cold-storage space for women vendors, they can preserve their products to extend potential sale time and prevent waste.


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