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The new structure at PearlsxRegent greatly improves the partnership with the Disability Inclusive Agribusiness Initiative or DIAI (pronounced di-a) for short.

The DIAI is a not-for-profit organization, established in Sierra Leone.  DIAI operates farmland on 3 campuses in Sierra Leone and specifically employs the physically disabled community members. 


The differently-abled staff at DIAI operate the day-to-day on the farm by cleaning, keeping out competing weeds, harvesting, storing, and selling excess and abundant crops.

From polio survivors, to amputees from our civil war, DIAI was established to ensure that the least among us have a way to care for and sustain themselves.

PearlsxRegent has a design for The Agribusiness Hub that employs unique and sustainable building practices and materials.  The Hub will provide:

  • A public bathroom to reduce public indecency in Sierra Leone 

  • A rainwater collection and harvesting unit for a steady and sustainable supply of potable water 

  • A waste management hub to set and facilitate sanitation standards and protocols

  • And lastly a kitchen and convenience store to provide market activities for the people in the community, especially women and the differently abled.

The Hub will be built by women who are recruited from the town of Lunsar.  The women will be trained in eco-construction and renewable energy technology in order to build The Agribusiness Hub and maintain it.


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