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Updated: Nov 7

The Agribusiness Hub is a permaculture campus design Shahedah and I designed years ago, like 6 years ago when we founded Pearls of Wata. We weren't even Pearls of Wata. We were Mami Wata Inc at the time, but Salone people think Mami Wata is a debul and we didn't have time to fight that archetype.

The original name was the No-Rubbish Zone. The design was a campus design that integrates a small farm, bathroom facilities with a common room and nursing quarters, a waste management center, and a convenience store with an eatery. We wrote out a detailed proposal with a timeline, a budget, and floor plans. In retrospect, it was elementary and too wordy. Definitely not our best graphic design material.

But for six years, we continued sharpening our skills, learning about permaculture and renewable energies, continued networking and seeking resources, and improving our design. Additionally, environmental activism became a mainstream thing in the last 6 years. The renewable energies and processes we were trying to expose our networks to are suddenly really cool and finally recognized as relevant (always was).

Long story short, we found a grant that is so amazingly specific to this project that we have nurtured and designed and loved for almost 7 years. Someone told us several years ago that what is for us, for our cause, will come seamlessly. It won't require lots of persuading and winning over. As long as you're consistent and committed to your cause, the people and the resources will meet you on the road. Keep pushing.

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