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Today is Wednesday, November 25, 2020--a Hump Day and the day before Thanksgiving. Whew.

Today is also International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. A day the United Nations designated to raise year-round awareness about domestic violence issues women and girls face around the world.

Be advised that domestic violence is layered and complex. Most of us think of physical abuse exclusively when we hear the words "domestic violence". However, there are so many different ways in which domestic violence manifests.

Some forms of abuse are so subtle and almost culturally overlooked that it may be a challenge for some to identify it as abuse, even the party experiencing it.

Verbal and emotional abuse are statistically more common than physical abuse. However, both verbal and emotional abuse, unchecked, have the potential to escalate into physical abuse, although this is not always the case. Some abusers do not hit their partners at all. It is important to understand that all forms of abuse can cause substantial and long-lasting damage to one's sense of self and mental health.

The escalation to physical abuse is often the abuser's attempt to maintain control and influence when partners become impervious to (fatigued by) usual verbal attacks and emotional outbursts.

Each and every human being is capable of detecting when they are not being treated well. Although good treatment is subjective, each of us is endowed with a force that will tell us when we feel unsafe or unloved.

Listen to the voice of that force to detect your personal boundaries. How does someone make your body feel? Your body's physical response is a powerful and reliable indicator about how you are feeling.

Domestic violence and abuse can be insidious, incremental, and hard to detect until it's severely problematic. Learning your body and learning your boundaries will help you speak up when you are not being treated well. Anyone that is angered by your boundaries or requests to be treated well does not love you. Loving them won't make them love you.

Love yourself.

For more resources on domestic violence and abuse, visit:

National Domestic Violence Hotline

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