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If there is anything we should be fighting for, it's this here internet.

This past June of 2020, my father, Dr. Sheikh Umarr Kamarah was detained and held at CID Headquarters in Freetown, Sierra Leone for 12 days.

On June 3, 2020, my father made an appearance at CID Headquarters upon invitation, to provide a statement about a riot that took place in Lunsar, Sierra Leone back in April of 2002.  On that same day, he was detained for charges that were never filed or even named.  It was a grueling 12 day ordeal for our family.  I had never gotten so little sleep--not even as the mother of a newborn had I slept so little and so bad--for 12 days.

During those 12 days, my siblings, cousins, worked diligently to create outstanding and emotive graphics to explain the situation and garner support from Dr. Kamarah's personal and professional community.

Family and friends regularly posted on their social media accounts about his detention and stressed the illegality of his arrest.  In a country in which corruption runs rampant, we as a family knew that our patriach's life was in grave danger.  They could easily detain him indefinitely or he could put in "isolation" for him never to be seen again.

The pressure we applied and the attention directed at the Sierra Leone government through a series of social media posts, voice recordings, articles, and radio interviews ultimately resulted in his release.  Charges were never filed or even announced.  We still don't know why he was detained.  But even without that closure, we were and are so grateful.

Dr. Kamarah was joyously reunited with his family on September 4, 2020.  Best day of this daddy's girl's life.  

Even though my Dad is free, there are many of our countrymen still grappling with the corruption and lawlessness in the country that we love, our Sierra Leone.

When my father was released, my zeal and my commitment to human rights, environmental rights, and women's rights advocacy only strengthened.  I was an activist before this.  I am a warrior now.

Please visit this page for updates on what and how we are continuing the fight for justice in Sierra Leone.

Currently, Palo Conteh, also detained in the spring of 2020, still languishes in prison.  So many human rights violations have already been committed in his case, but the power of a collective voice remains unthreatened.  Leh wi tok for Palo Conteh.  #FreePaloConteh

Stand up for Salone.

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