No Is A Complete Sentence

Forgive us. This blog entry is long overdue. I take full responsibility. I was digesting food for a while. I pray your holiday brought you joy and time to be grateful.

Our Creative Director has been working on merch for quite some time now. We have finally arrived to an aesthetic consensus. Shop now!

Our premiere item is our "No Is A Complete Sentence" crop top. The funds we raise from the sale of this t-shirt will be used in two ways.

Every quarter, 50% of all funds will be directly donated to agencies in Sierra Leone that provide medical, mental health, and forensic support services. With so few agencies providing such services in Sierra Leone, we intend to make the services they offer more robust and available consistently for victims of GBSV.

The remaining funds will be used specifically to produce literature and virtual events on body autonomy, consent, and healthy sexual development throughout the lifespan.

Be on the lookout for the magazine "Autonomy Pearl" in 2021. Autonomy Pearl is a family friendly magazine with fun & informative content for kids, helpful lifestyle content for couples or co-parents, and material to grow our consciousness. Safety is a human right.

In the meantime, check out the merch store!

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