We Know! We're Late for 1st Quarter...But Did You Die?

February is almost over and the end of the first quarter is fast approaching. If you were lucky enough to get a digital copy of our first newsletter of the year, you know our fundraising goal and you know our deadline is on our tails.

Fiscal Assessment

Our first quarter fundraising goal is $12,000, and we have raised 31.66% of our goal as of February 1, 2020. We are diligent and we are committed to meeting our first quarter fundraising goals so that we are also on time with our second quarter project deadlines.

Re-Branding Pearls of Wata

Our entrepreneurial baby, Pearls of Wata, was born in 2014. It was our response to the Ebola crisis that struck Sierra Leone and several other countries. Initially, it was just a small campaign in which we partnered with a few grassroots movements in Sierra Leone to share information on how to prevent the spread of Ebola with particular behaviors. The challenges and the failures we encountered prompted us to rebrand with a larger and more strategic focus: lifestyle and resource sustainability.

Six years later, with more education, training, resources, and networking, we are poised to rebrand again, this time in order to capture the attention of the different peoples of the Diaspora, especially the Black American.

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