Pearls of Wata and Friends will create the groundwork to develop industries in Sierra Leone.  This is the natural progression of our mission.  Additionally, it is integral to facilitating stability and sustainability in our village and Sierra Leone at large.

Once infrastructural stability is accomplished, industries that can provide consistent and robust employment are a must to maintain that infrastructure.

The creation of industry solely by the continental African is quite a feat.  While creating our own industries is the goal, the cooperation of different & organized communities in the Diaspora would make tackling this feat more manageable and easier to complete in an expedited time frame.

If we are honest, we are living in increasingly hostile and uncertain times.  Most African nations and many groups in the Diaspora are at the mercy of their heads of state and heavily rely on the international community for aid in times of emergency and disaster.

But what happens and who comes to the rescue if the richest countries in the world go to war or experience an economic disaster of their own?  What is Africa and the Diaspora producing so that they can participate in the global market?  More importantly, what are we producing that we can use to sustain ourselves in times of international crisis?

At our office in Virginia, we will create a hub for businessmen and women who identify with any group, tribe, or ethnicity in the Diaspora.  Here, one can seek services to officially incorporate their businesses and join a network of entrepreneurs that want to start and operate businesses in the US, Sierra Leone, or their home country.


Regardless of what type of business one wishes to start, in our country or not, our purpose is to help navigate the process of establishing and running the company remotely or on-site.  Our people need the infrastructure and employment, and the Diaspora needs an organized injection of capital to create the generational wealth that slavery and colonialism has robbed us all of.

From agriculture to waste management; energy companies to water companies; fashion design to garment manufacturing; from real estate to banking; cosmetics to healthcare; research to technology; computer science to artificial intelligence; factories to automobile manufacturing--there is a need, a market, and a space for every product and service imaginable. 

We are formally inviting you, Diaspora, to do business together and be the generation that replaces poverty with sustainable progress.

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