The COVID-19 pandemic, just like the Ebola outbreak, revealed that Sierra Leone's lack of public infrastructure continues to leave her people vulnerable.

Frequent hand washing and social distancing are among the first line of defense against spreading disease.  But how do you facilitate such interventions in a country without national or local infrastructure that provides water? 


How can you social distance in an economic setup that requires daily traveling and close proximity to other travelers?

It is time to take this deficit seriously and take actionable steps to create clean water facilities for mothers, for the elderly, and for the disabled to use and tangibly improve their lives.

2020.  The Year of Clear Vision.  We envision Sierra Leone as a shining example of how water is a human right and what happens to a society that honors this right.



On June 3, 2020, our co-founder, Zainab Kamarah, received news that her father, Dr. Sheikh Kamarah, had been detained in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

No charges were ever filed as her father and family endured a 12 day arbitrary detention.

During his detention, Zainab immersed herself into a study of political landscape as well as the human rights conditions in Sierra Leone.

The reports of the human rights abuses were astounding and deeply troubling.  Co-founders Zainab and Shahedah decided to develop a more robust focus & community development strategy predicated on human rights advocacy.

Get ready.  We in here.

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Human Rights Violation in Sierra Leone

June 16, 2020



Pearls of Wata Co-founder, Zainab, and her fellow Concerned Sierra Leonean Women in the Diaspora, on a live interview with Sierra CastTV host.

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On June 3, 2020, a tenured HBCU professor and Sierra Leonean citizen was detained by the police in Freetown, Sierra Leone at the CID station.  Dr. Sheikh Kamarah was detained for 12 days without charge and was released on bail with questionable conditions and requisites.

Dr. Kamarah, who is also a US citizen and on sabbatical in Sierra Leone, was released on Monday, June 15, 2020 after the effective lobbying on social media and through legal and human rights advocacy routes.  His family in Virginia and abroad, colleagues, and former students rallied to petition for his expedient release.

BBC Sounds picked up the story, reported by Umaru Fofana, on the seeming trend of arbitrary detentions, including that of Dr. Kamarah.

Click the recording icon to listen to the segment with Umaru Fofana.

Minute 14:55 - 20:47

BBC Sounds 15-06-20

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