Pearls of Wata is a social entrepreneur's response to standard of living challenges in Sierra Leone.  Our chief focus is discovering and designing sustainable technologies that will immediately improve the daily standard of living for our people in Sierra Leone.  The technologies will also remedy our country's current infrastructural and industrial challenges in order to propel Sierra Leone and her people into a more formidable position in the global market.  


One caveat of our mission not to be overlooked is our approach.  In order to implement these technologies, Pearls of Wata will use an educational model in which women and girls specifically will be recruited and educated in the fine working of these technologies.  


According to Merriam-Webster, sustainability is defined as being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged.  In addition to responsible harvesting, Pearls of Wata will secure the sustainability of these technologies by endowing the most vulnerable in a society, women, children, and the differently abled with the intellectual knowledge and physical skill to reproduce these technologies at will, over and over again.


As our civil war (1991-2002) has shown us, it is often women and children left behind in the rubble of war they have no power to declare and are even more helpless to stop.


Sustainable technologies that can provide enduring shelter, potable water and accompanying sanitation system, clean and consistent energy, and reliable food supply are the keys to an everlasting kingdom: a permanent culture.  


The ability to produce the aforementioned conditions of living are skills every human being should have.  These are the skills we intend to equip Sierra Leonean women and children with in the hopes of deterring future civil war, famine, disease, and hopelessness.

Shahedah, Director of development

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