Pearls of Wata is seeking support for The Agribusiness Hub, a project we are passionately entering with the Disability Inclusive Agribusiness Initiative (abbreviated DIAI).  DIAI is a nonprofit organization in Sierra Leone founded by a polio survivor.  The organization is an agriculture venture that employs community members with physical disabilities to operate farms on 3 campuses.

The partnership between Pearls of Wata and DIAI on The Agribusiness Hub Project will allow the agriculture business to expand  employment to women in the community.  Women, regardless of ability status, will first be trained in eco-construction and renewable energy technologies.  These certified skills will then be used to build The Agribusiness Hub.


The Agribusiness Hub is a commercial facility that will support the farm with a public bathroom, a waste management center, a kitchen, and a convenience store.  It is at this facility that women in Lunsar, Sierra Leone will be the targeted employee demographic.


Get in contact with us and learn how  you can be a part of this project.  

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